msnattyann (msnattyann) wrote in bluesx,

Not liking Damage?

If you don't like Damage, you might want to try listening to You've Been My Baby really loud with a pint o jack daniels and a pack of cigarettes. The slow ache of Judah's guitar and that female chorus of cries hits the spot. Ouch! I got the blues. "Baby please ... come on back home to me"

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I'll give it a shot tomorrow
On second thought, a pint is an awful lot of whiskey though. Maybe a pint of guiness and a few shots if you feel inclined :)
I'll see what I can rummage up, heh
I've really started digging Plastic Fang for some reason
Yeah? I recently can't get enough of Orange. I just love when albums have you by the balls, ya know?